SquareSpace, Wix or Shopify offsite mail & DNS managed solutions

When using a "do-it-yourself website" providers such as Squarespace, Wix , Shopify or even GoDaddy they dont provide domain mail.  If you require a  complex mail setup and mail storage location can be an unknown issue. If you choose a supplier of these products in the cloud, are you aware of your companies’ actual mail location. Your data may be exposed to different cultures, laws or local customs and be unaware who else has access to this mail.
Queensland Hosting’s mail is at BTP, Brisbane Technology Park - hidden behind three-swipe card and access panels, and an Australian legal process to obtain copies. Your username and email password over SSL technology is the only access we permit. QldHosting has been providing this service to Australians here and overseas since 2007.

We apply updates nightly to ensure the mail solution is at the vendor’s optimum level of security and operation.

* We do resell Microsoft Office 365 if you prefer, however mail speed differs with MS Products vs Queensland mail based solutions, and the service is delivered AS IS by Microsoft with a 10% wholesale margin for support and maintenance. 


Offisite Spam Solutions

SpamTitan Anti Spam is a complete software solution to email security offering protection from Spam, Viruses, Trojans, Phishing and unwanted content.

Feature Set :
  • Two Anti Virus engines including ClamAV and Kaspersky Labs

  • Multi layered Anti Spam analyses resulting in 98% plus Spam detection

  • Less than 0.03% False Positive Rate (DB Searchable)

  • Content Filtering

  • Inward and outward email scanning

  • Email Disclaimer capability

  • Simple download and installation process

  • Plug and Play Solution

  • End user Spam management using email quarantine reports

  • Web based administrative GUI

  • Multiple automated reports

  • Automated updating including anti virus, anti spam, version releases and system backup

  • LDAP, Dynamic and aliases file recipient verification

  • Per domain administrators

  • Per domain reports

VoIP :

Voice over Internet Protocol is not just for big business. There are many systems available on the retail market that can be configured over your existing high speed dsl network. The technology simply passes your phone calls through a cheaper median - the internet. Configuration, setup and ongoing support is where Queensland Hosting excels. The minute your VoIP solution is installed you being to save money.

Online Shopfronts :

Queensland Hosting and Lulatech can build retail stores online, either assisting with your established shopfront or building one from scratch. The web is waiting for your products let us help you get them there.. Using "what is out there" we can customise many products into your own requirements, in the areas of retail, wholesale and warehousing.

More More More - if you can think it, why not let us host it.

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