Exetel's Premium Business Services

Queensland hosting resells Exetels ISP Services. Our staff will tailor make a service specific to your business requirements, which will be delivered to your office in any available technology for your area - most solutions are Business Grade NBN Fibre. However an address search for your premises is required to proceed with a recommendation.   

Exetel have been providing a range of internet and telephone services to Residential and to business customers since February 2004. There are now over 120,000 residential and over 5,000 business customers using a wide range of different Exetel services in every State and Territory.

Exetel began offering communications services in January 2004 with only one objective:

To provide internet, telephone and other communications service at lower monthly prices than ALL other suppliers of similar services to Australian business users at the highest levels of quality and at consistently high speeds.

Since that time we have consistently met those objectives :
  • We have maintained a service availability up time of over 99.99% for 78 consecutive months

  • We have maintained data speeds equal to the service rated speed for 78 consecutive months

  • We have reduced the service prices by an average of 8% PA for six consecutive years

  • We have provided services at a minimum of 50% less than the majority of our competitors

For smaller businesses Exetel has put together an unbeatable ‘package’ of business services that include :
  • High speed wire line internet at very low prices

  • Wireless internet at very low prices

  • Web site hosting at no additional charge

  • Email hosting at no additional charge

  • DNS hosting at no additional charge

  • SMS from your computer keyboard at 5 cents per 160 characters

  • FAX (send and receive) from each computer in your office at 5 cents per (up to 10 page) fax

  • Mobiles (calls between your mobiles and to/from your office at no charge) (for users of Exetel’s MoIP service – office lines must be VoIP services, ‘Mobile’ services must be mobile VoIP endpoints)

  • 10 cent wire line phone calls to all local and Australian national wire line numbers

And a 'control panel' that gives you complete control over all of your business communication services and allows you to view all charges as they occur each day as well as being able to add, re-assign or cancel all services whenever you wish to do so.