Today’s design technology calls for Responsive Web Design (RWD) to make your business website compatible with all devices and search engine friendly. It’s no secret that as more and more people are browsing the web on their smartphone/tablets, Google has begun considering only mobile responsive websites for the elite search engine status. At the same time, with the advent of high-end mobile technology and 4G connections, smartphone/tablet user-experience is reaching new heights at every passing IT phase.

Earlier there was a trend to use two separate versions of the same website, one for the desktop and the other for the mobile. However, with the arrival of the responsive website designing technology, Google, and other search engines are rewarding those site which serves one URL for both the desktop and mobile versions.


The best part about any HTML5 website is that it works as a mobile application and is the all-in-one platform for the designing and development. The pages load as quickly, in no time, with XHTML/CSS code, with clean and beautiful layouts. HTML5 platform is also preferred by search engines because of its SEO optimizing and W3C validating qualities. We help you convert your iPad, iPhone applications to HTML5 and create new website templates and attractive mobile applications using HTML5 and CSS3. The concept is to convert the same HTML coding for PCs, smartphones, tablets, Mac, etc. devices, with necessary changes on CSS. Horizontal scroll free navigation is only possible by consolidating HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to expand, contract, reshuffle or remove designs in congruence with the user's screen size - for all device, browser compatibility. New designer technologies have immensely helped the coders developing rich internet applications like Flash for live video streaming and Java FX. Users love hopping the pages through a clean code, without the hassle of extra flash player plugins for audio/video streaming.


UI/UX Designing strategy is an inevitable formula to enhance the scope of your online presence and fortify your ROI with great user experience. All design, graphics and user interface projects call for UI/UX designing. VapoTech promises to deliver the best user experience for your customers with R&D in prototypes, graphics, models, evangelist reviews, visual/aesthetic experience designs, heuristic evaluations, etc.

All recent studies have shown an evident increase in the customer retention percentage in those apps and templates with expert UI/UX designs. Cutting-edge UI/UX technologies, sturdy back-end coding with soothing front-end designs have resulted in higher profitability metrics for online businesses. By comprehensive presentation of live page designs, user case profiles, rapid interactive wireframes, prototypes (paper, structural, deep-slice and branded prototypes, etc.) we focus on the user experience for better online reach and higher ROI. 

There are a plethora of designing works which VapoTech offers to its clients. Please contact us for a direct appointment with our Designing expert to learn about UX/UI, jQuery Effects, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash & Animations, and much more.


    • To bring the content on the site using a database, a server-side scripting language such as PHP, ASP.NET is used.
    • Database linkage helps a structured formation of front-end information. Blog and news updates, product pages, product pricing, service updates and other frequent changes are easily made as per the stipulation on such sites.
    • A well-organized administration section, via connected database, creates a Content Management System (CMS) interface for independent data input and execution from the user end.
    • Be it a blog, text, image, product item, or product category, a Dynamic Website makes everything quickly manageable with no technical skills involved.
    • The coded backend database makes the Dynamic Website sections easily manageable by the site System Admin so as to upload text, images, videos, graphics, products, etc. in an extremely simple manner.
    • A structured layout is designed in order to suit a client’s business needs with utmost priority given to those sections browsed most frequently by the website users depending on the nature of the product/service.
    • For Dynamic Website, we highly suggest each generated link should have fresh and plagiarism-free content to prompt quick fetching and indexing of your web pages by the Search Engine. Not only do we offer On-Page SEO, alongside we also do link-building of your fully customized website using all Digital Marketing tools.
    • Maintaining and upgrading rich content, product infographics, newsletters, subscriptions, and most importantly product pricing/discounts/coupons/categories all have been given a boost with Dynamic Website usage. A growing number of small and medium cross-industries worldwide are increasingly opting for such web-portals.



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